Budgeting for Developer Evangelism

I grabbed coffee last year with an unusually blunt founder working on his first startup. He cut to the chase faster than most of the folks I talk to exploring developer relations for the first time.

“I have no idea what makes sense for spending on this stuff, Rob,” he admitted. “I’ve talked to ten different people running devrel programs today. Eight were not on the hook for a real number, one had a number so high I think he was lying and the other had a number so low I don’t think the company is serious about it.”

“How much should I be spending on this?”

First Post, Y’all

For the past eight years, there are one or two calls a week on my calendar I get unreasonably stoked for. Sometimes it is an entrepreneur, sometimes it is an engineer, sometimes it is a reporter or an analyst or some other constituent on the outside of the software game trying to get an inside look. All of them come with a core question:

“What is this developer evangelism thing?”