Your First Hire: The Evangelist

“I’ve dumped 100 hours into this search, Rob,” she’ll say, “I still can’t find anyone to fill this goddamn role.”

“This is insane,” she’ll continue, “Our product is rad as hell, we’re signing up customers like crazy, we got a dumptruck full of money in the bank and every other req on our job board is raining CVs like a monsoon.”

“Why the hell is it so hard to hire a leader for my devrel function?”

Starting With Service

“Rob, I need you to read this.”

Back what feels like a lifetime ago, I was getting my first promotion at my first startup. Spiky haired, snot nosed and more than a little self-important, I felt like I needed another pop business psych book like I needed a longer wallet chain and wider pant legs. My boss could read the reaction if I tried to hide it, which of course I did not.

“Really, Rob.” he paused with exasperated emphasis. “I need you to serve a lot more than you need to lead.”

“Alright, Dave. I get it.” …