Code of Conduct

Everyone participating on Serving Developers is expected to abide by this simple code of conduct.

First Principles

Trolling on the Internet is a hydra; any enumeration of its many vehicles will fall short. Instead, we start from some first principles that guide the execution of this code of conduct.

  • Everyone can learn and everyone can teach.
  • Talking about ideas is human. Talking about people is gossip.
  • Much of disagreement on the Internet is toxic. We will rise above.
  • Nothing is too small or too large to report.
  • Be kind, my friends; try to be more kind.


In saying what I have in mind, will I really improve on the silence?

Robert Greenleaf, The Servant as Leader

The guiding ethos behind this website is service. Participants in this conversation are expected to serve one another. Comments in this conversation are expected to serve the original author, the people who will read it and the people that will reply to it.

We serve the whole person, where they are, whomever they are, wherever they work and whatever they do, to get them where they are going. We assume everyone comes to this conversation in the spirit of its convention – that we’re all here earnestly trying to get better at what we do.

Task Conflict Is Important

Across the spectrum of human endeavour, serving developers remains a nascent enterprise. No one person and no one company has it figured out.

This conversation should constitute rigorous examination of that work. We should argue about the tabs and spaces, the brackets and braces, the dots and cases. The more comfortable we are sweating the details, the better our discipline will be.

Personal Conflict Is Unacceptable

The line between disagreeing with the idea and harassing the person is a red one in this conversation. Harassing any individual is not acceptable here.

Rather than list the many unfortunate ways people are harassed on the Internet, we’ll show some real examples from what we’ve seen in the field as indicative of the difference.


If you are being harassed or see someone being harassed, you can report anonymously using the form below. Each one will be investigated the week it is reported and responded if contact info is provided.